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Request: Emperor!China X Empress!Pregnant!Reader
“Aiyaa…..” Yao muttered, allowing his head to rest on the palm on his hand. He was currently in his study, working out papers with his brother, Im Yong Soo, the emperor of South Korea. “Hmm? Something wrong, da-ze?” The brown haired man with the strange curl piped up. Yao sighed and nodded. “I’m worried…” He replied, staring out the window that gave the view of one of the many palace gardens. “Is it about Empress [Name], da-ze?” Yong asked.
Again, Yao nodded and looked at his brother. “I just…don’t know if I’m ready, aru…” He said, with an exasperated look in his eyes. “I mean, sure being the Emperor is one thing, but this…this is a completely different thing, aru!!!” Yao said frantically. Im Young Soo sighed and smiled. “It will be fine, da-ze! I’m sure you two will be fine!” He tried to reassure the frantic Emperor.
“And how would you kn
:iconcelestine-nova:Celestine-Nova 303 36
Bed Head. Kise x Reader
The moment your eyes fluttered open, your brain vaguely registers the fact that you couldn't move a muscle. Warm arms are wrapped around stomach from behind, pinning your arms to your side. Long legs tangle with your own, keeping them securely in place. Golden hair tickles your cheek as a face tucked into your shoulder lets out soft snores.
Sleepily, your body tries to test the limits of your comfortable prison by wiggling various parts to create space, causing the person holding you to shift with a groan.
'(y/n)cchi, why are you moving so much?' A disgruntled, sleep-coated voice reaches your ears causing you to pause your shifting.
Kise Ryouta.
Your brain groggily puts a name to the voice as you remember the fact that you had decided to let your boyfriend spend the night after the two of you had been caught in a storm and barely made it to your house before getting completely soaked.
'I'm just trying to get comfortable Kise' You reply softly, resuming your movements.
'Here, try this.'
:iconceader43:Ceader43 382 13
Bed Head. Hyuuga x Reader
Warm puffs of air softly brushing across your face is what brings you to consciousness on this perfectly lazy Saturday. As your eyes flutter open, your gaze settles on the face of the boy next to you, his dark hair haloed by the warm yellow sunlight filtering in from the window behind him.
Hyuuga Junpei
A smile tugs at the corners of your lips as you watch him sleeping peacefully, his mouth slightly parted and his hair sticking up in every direction. His face looks so much softer when he's asleep, without his glasses and the worries of the day to distract him. Soft enough that you can't help but to reach up and touch him, your fingers delicately tracing the lines of his features.
Cupping his face, you gently run the pads of your thumbs across his high cheekbones in an attempt to memorize him in this moment. Your movements soon arouse Hyuuga from his sleep, his green eyes meeting yours as you quickly retract your hands.
'Morning' His deep, sleep coated voice reaches your ears as his eye
:iconceader43:Ceader43 137 9
Bed head. Akashi x Reader
Tugging the edges of a fluffy comforter closer to your body, you don't even bother to open your eyes as you snuggle into the pillow beneath your head. Yet, as you lay  in bed fighting off the impending need to wake up, a though occurs to you.
This is not what your bed usually smells like.
In an instant your body goes rigid and your eyes snap open as your head begins to swivel in an attempt to investigate your surroundings that you do not recognize. This is not your room, and this is most definitely not your bed your still-foggy brain concludes. Just as you are about to jump out of bed and make a bolt for it, a deep voice speaks out from the comforter encased lump next to you.
'Don't even think about getting up. I'm not done sleeping yet.'
Akashi Seijuro.
This statement from your current boyfriend brings you out of your sleep addled confusion as you suddenly remember where in fact, you are. An embarrassed blush creeping across your face, you settle back into bed, the comforter now
:iconceader43:Ceader43 372 11
Pictures - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
Inspired by “GLITTER DAYS”, KnB Season 3 Ending 1. could I not write something after seeing the pictures and baby!Kuroko xD?
Oh yeah, Kuroko’s mom is in this one. We don’t actually know much about her besides the fact that Kuroko got his looks and invisibility from her. Because it is stated that he inherited his quiet personality from his father, I’m gonna assume that his mom is more open and cheerful than Kuroko, at least for this fanfic. Hope you don’t mind this interpretation of her.
You loved his mom. There was no doubt about it because she...
“WHAT?! No, that’s Tetsu-kun?!”
“Haha yes! He was such a cute child, am I right?”
“Oh my god, totally! He’s adorable!”

...showed you your boyfriend’s baby pictures.

His mom laughed along with you, gushing abou
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 225 44
Father Feels | Kise Ryouta
He felt tired. No, EXHAUSTED. Hell, exhausted probably didn’t cover half of what he was feeling at the moment. He wanted to cry. His head throbbed with a huge migraine.
And its only been a few hours since you had left him his two sons.
“Please don’t cry, please don’t cry~” he sang as he tried to calm his son of 6 months in his arms as the boy wailed loudly in his ears.
It didn’t help that his twin brother, who was in the baby walker, had decided to join him in some kind of crying fest as the two cried sadly as if asking Ryouta where their mother went and why did she leave them in the care of such a clueless man.
So much crying. So much. It made the grown man want to cry out himself.
Its nap time for the boys now and he had followed every instructions left by his wife to the T yet WHY were the boys still crying? He mentally went through the list.
Baths- check. Oh god, was bath time a challenge. Normally, dads his age would have to deal w
:iconresyure:Resyure 257 19
Midorima Shintaro x Reader {At 3 In The Morning}
He hated to admit it, but he couldn't sleep without her tonight.
Midorima was a prideful and haughty man, although if you asked Takao, all he would tell you is "Tsundere."
How he actually got a girlfriend shocked most, if not all, the members of the Shutoku basketball team.
On top of that, how he got a pretty, funny, and smart girlfriend was what the members considered a real miracle.
(F/n) (L/n).
A honor roll student, placing 1st during midterms.
A girl who's personality could have even the toughest person laughing.
She was considered gorgeous by all the Shutoku members, with her flowy (h/c) hair and her bright (e/c) eyes.
How she fell for the ignorant tsudere is beyond their comprehension.
But it happened, and Midorima did truly love her.
His pride just said otherwise.
Rolling around in his bed, he sat up.
Putting his glasses on, he reached for his emerald colored phone.
Setting his face in a scowl, he dialed the girl's number.
(Y/n) was peacefully sleeping, until...
:iconwritingforpleasure:writingforpleasure 291 21
Tetsuya Kuroko x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Tetsuya Kuroko ~
the basketball team of...
Seirin High
Your P.O.V
“ Um... Hello? Is anybody here?” A black haired teen with glasses asked out loud. His green eyes  glanced around, trying to find you. He didn't look down to your level, so the captain didn't noticed you. There were times when sharing the same trait as your cousin to become “invisible” was  a good thing, like you were playing hide and seek with Tetsuya. And then there were time like this, when you wouldn't be noticed by people and  you was often forgotten. The only difference between you and Tetsuya was that you had it easier to make yourself noticeable than  your cousin.
“I'm down here.” you mumbled quietly. The teen snapped his head to your direction, eyes widened and he jumped up several meters up in the air.
“GAAAAAAHHH! Who are you?!” he screamed, capturing the team's attention.  The rest of the basketball team walked up to you.
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 136 6
Shintarou Midorima x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Shintarou Midorima~
the basketball team of...
Shutoku High
Your P.O.V
“Hi!” you chirped and wave you hand excitingly at the tall teenage boy. “ My is name is (surname) (name),” you gave him a short bow before continuing.” and I'm looking for Midorima Shintarou.” The young man who had black, short hair and very dark brown eyes nodded his head and let you inside. It seemed that the moment you mentioned your cousin's name, the boy's eyebrow twitched.
“Ah... So you must be the cousin Midorima talked about, right? I'm Otsubo Taisuke and I am the captain of Shutoku High's basketball team. It's nice to meet you (name)-chan.” you looked around the gymnasium.
The big room were filled with many boys around Shintarou's age. They were either playing basketball together in groups or practising by themselves. But you couldn't find Shintarou anywhere, 'that meanie!' a silly pout appeared on your face.
“ Um... Otsubo-senpai, where
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 141 9
Ryouta Kise x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Ryouta Kise~
the basketball team of...
Kaijo High
Your P.O.V
You quickly recognized the black haired male with the steel blue eyes as the team-captain from all the games have watched. Ryouta has told you a lot about him too as he is Ryouta's friend and senpai. He looked around outside the door but didn't seem to notice you since you were smaller than him. The boy was about  to close the door again when you decided to spoke up.
“Hi.” you mumbled and waved at the boy who stared down at you, surprised.
“Huh? Oh...Hello. W-what are you doing here? Are you lost, do you need help?” he asked kindly but at the same time there was an awkward hint in his voice. The blue eyed boy opened the door more and let you in.
“No. I'm fine. I'm looking for my big cousin,his name is Kise Ry-”
“(NAME)-CCHI! MY LITTLE PRINCESS-SSU!” you  heard a familiar squeal and you felt your feet being swept away from the floor as Ryouta scoop you
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 180 24
Daiki Aomine x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Daiki Aomine~
the basketball team of...
Too Academy
Your P.O.V
“Well, well, well... what do we have here?” a black haired boy with grey eyes and glasses said to you in a taunting tone. He had smile on his face but in your opinion it didn't look that friendly. It looked more like a mocking smirk, not that you cared.
“Yo! Are you that “evil glasses”- guy Daiki always complains about or what?” you asked him bluntly. The captain was caught off guard, Imayoshi was not prepared for that type of reaction.
“You are the captain of Too's basketball team, right?”
“ U-um...Yes.” he answered, staring at you.
“ Good. Then Daiki should be here too.” you brushed past the player and skipped into the gymnasium.
You looked around and noticed three other players. On one side of the court was a light blonde boy. He was training at shooting a basketball at the hoop and if he happened to miss a shot,  he would easil
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 165 15
Seijuro Akashi x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Seijuro Akashi~
the basketball of team of …
Rakuzan High
Your P.O.V
' I can't wait too see Sei-kun...hehe. He is going to be so surprised!' you thought to yourself, prepared to proceed with, what you called, a great plan. Everyone including yourself knew about Seijuro's ability to see the future but you weren't completely convinced. So today you had decided test if this was really true by doing a surprise tackle-hug, to hopefully catch him off guard. You had been waiting for this moment all week. As soon as the door opened and you noticed your cousin's infamous hair, you leaped into the air.
In the beginning it looked liked it was really work because Akashi's multicoloured eye widen in surprise. But in the last moment your older cousin used his emperor eye, catching you in mid-air like a bad ass.  Well, it seemed like half of your plan worked at least.  But you still hadn't got that hug yet you yearned for and you pouted. The teen held you from an arm-l
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 223 32
Atsushi Murasakibara x Child Reader
His biggest fan- Atsushi Murasakibara~
the basketball team of …
Yosen High
Your P.O.V
The door flew open by the enormous force the person on the other side had used. This not only startled you which made you jump away from the door,  but it also scared you very badly.
“ Huh? Who's there?” said an unknown, masculine voice. You slowly rose your terrified (e/c) orbs to get a clearer look at the person in front of you.
The guy standing at the door was huge, almost as tall as Atsushi! But this boy looked so much more mean and scary with his rough facial features than your cousin. You shook in fear as the boy looked around for you. When his brown eyes noticed you, your mind went completely blank causing your small body froze.
“ Ah. Hello there, is everything alright?”the raven haired asked, kneeling down to your level. You didn't listen because you were so afraid that he would hurt you and you felt  like you couldn't control your feelings any longer- s
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 176 15
50 ways to annoy: Aomine [crackfic]
50 Ways to annoy: Daiki Aomine.
1. Tell him Taiga is better than him.
2. Tell him that basketball is not a ‘real’ sport.
3. Tell him you prefer football.
4. Steal his bentos while he’s not looking.
5. Invite a bunch of people to the rooftop while he is there.
6. Steal his Horikita Mai-chan’s magazines.
7. Hide them in Momoi’s locker.
8. Video-tape reactions and upload the video on Youtube.
9. Tell him that pink is prettier than blue.
10. Put hot chili peppers in his Teriyaki burger.
11. Get a gigantic bee plushie and give him that as his birthday present.
12. Put a dead frog in Momoi’s desk and blame it on him.
13. Proceed to follow point number eight again.
14. Make him play chess with you, once he is about to win, rage-quit and scream; “THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BEAT ME IS ME!”
15. Dress up as Kuroko for Halloween and scare him at every given chance. Additional points if you steal his candy.
16. Give him Goya chocolates in Valentine
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 138 117
I'm Ready
Kagami, Taiga X Reader X Aomine, Daiki
Chapter 1: Mine
NOTE: This is a random Touou game that everyone decided to watch. Just to let everyone know so they won't be confused. Enjoy! :)
"Quit butting in! This is none of your business!" The roar of a Touou student echoed throughout the gymnasium. Those leaving look at the tanned skinned, blue haired boy before ignoring him and exiting to go home. The Touou basketball team says nothing and doesn't interfere between the arguing couple.
"If it concerns your health, I will make it my business!" You snapped back, hands on your waist to indicate your frustration. "Look at your leg! It's shaking already! You've overexerted yourself. You've been having frequent games with pretty tough opponents and you haven't given yourself enough time to rest. You might be a great player, but you aren't invincible. Your body has its limits also."
"You aren't a doctor!"
"I know I'm not, but I don't need to go to med school to tell when you've ha
:icon2n31:2n31 369 206



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